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Introduction to the Model:LUNA2000 200KWH-2H1 Smart String Energy Storage

As the demand for reliable, efficient, and sustainable energy solutions continues to soar, the Model:LUNA2000 200KWH-2H1 Smart String Energy Storage Solution is viewed as a groundbreaking innovation designed to meet the ever-shifting needs of commercial and industrial energy consumers.

The Model:LUNA2000 200KWH-2H1 system stands out by offering a sophisticated and versatile approach to energy storage.

High-end specifications

The Model:LUNA2000 200KWH-2H1 Battery Energy Storage System is a high-capacity energy solution engineered to deliver superior performance and efficiency. Key specifications of the system include:

  • Rated ESS capacity (kWh) – 193.5
  • Rated Power: 100 kW per module
  • Battery Type: Lithium-ion phosphate (LiFePO4)
  • Cycle Life: 8500 cycles at 100% depth of discharge
  • Reliability: 99.9% high reliability
  • Dimensions: 2.57m x 2.135m x 1.2m
  • ESS Weight (including battery packs) ≤2950kg
  • ESS Weight (excluding battery packs) ≤1070kg
  • Operating humidity range: 0-100% (non-condensing)
  • Maximum operating altitude: 4000m
  • Operating Temperature: -30°C ~ -55°C
  • Communication protocol – Modbus TCP
  • Scalability: Modular design allows for expansion up to 4 MWh
LUNA 200KWH (inside)

Innovations in design, materials, and technology

The Model:LUNA2000 200KWH-2H1 sets itself apart in several innovative ways.

  • Modular Architecture: The system’s modular design facilitates scalability and flexibility, enabling users to tailor the capacity to their specific needs.
  • Advanced Battery Chemistry: The device uses lithium-ion phosphate technology. The Model:LUNA2000 200KWH-2H1 ensures high energy density, a long lifespan, and enhanced safety compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries.
  • Pack Level Optimization: This technology optimizes the performance of individual battery packs, ensuring balanced charging and discharging, prolonging the battery system’s life.
  • Integrated Energy Management System (EMS): The EMS provides real-time monitoring, control, and optimization of the energy storage system, enhancing operational efficiency and reliability.

Safety features and reliability mechanisms

Safety is paramount in the design of the Model:LUNA2000 200KWH-2H1, and these units have been designed with this in mind from the ground up.

The Battery Management System (BMS) monitors the health and performance of each battery cell, preventing overcharging, overheating, and over-discharging. Additionally, the integrated fire suppression mechanisms provide an extra layer of safety in case of thermal runaway, ensuring the system remains safe and reliable.

Critical components are designed with redundancy to ensure continuous operation even in the event of a component failure. Furthermore, the system is housed in a robust, weatherproof IP55-rated enclosure, which protects it from environmental hazards and ensures durability in various conditions.

Performance and efficiency

The Model:LUNA2000 200KWH-2H1 excels in both performance and efficiency:

  • High Efficiency: The system minimizes energy loss during storage and retrieval.
  • Fast Response Time: The Model:LUNA2000 200KWH-2H1 can respond to power demands within milliseconds, making it ideal for applications requiring rapid energy discharge.
  • Longevity: The system’s long life cycle ensures sustained performance over years of operation, providing a reliable return on investment.

How the Huawei Office Park achieved huge savings

The Model:LUNA2000 200KWH-2H1 Smart String Energy Storage Solution has been successfully implemented at the Huawei Office Park in Johannesburg. This site recently underwent a seamless switchover debugging process, achieving this milestone on 5 September 2023. This achievement underscores the system’s reliability and performance in real-world scenarios.

The successful deployment at the Huawei Office Park translates into substantial operational expense (OPEX) savings by reducing reliance on grid power and optimizing energy use. Furthermore, it aligns with environmental sustainability goals by contributing to pollution reduction and promoting the use of clean energy.

Versatility and applications

The Model:LUNA2000 200KWH-2H1 system is designed to meet diverse energy requirements, making it suitable for various commercial and industrial applications. It is ideal for mining, farms, office parks, petrol stations, banks, factories and many more. Its versatility is due to several factors:

  • Grid-Tied Applications: Supports peak shaving, load shifting, and demand response, reducing energy costs and enhancing grid stability.
  • Off-Grid Applications: Provides a reliable power source for remote locations, ensuring uninterrupted energy supply.
  • Renewable Integration: Enhances the integration of renewable energy sources such as solar and wind by storing excess energy and delivering it when needed.
  • Backup Power: Offers a dependable backup power solution for critical infrastructure, ensuring continuous operation during grid outages.

Siqi Lu, Vice President of ABC Solar, highlighted the capabilities and advantages of the Model:LUNA2000 200KWH-2H1 system. “This project vividly showcases the outstanding capabilities of our energy storage systems, highlighting our steadfast dedication to providing innovative solutions that enable our valued customers to manage their energy requirements efficiently.” 

He added, “The Model:LUNA2000 200KWH-2H1 energy storage solution stands out as the ideal choice, expertly meeting both grid-tied and off-grid energy needs. In South Africa, where energy security and reliability are vital, this solution offers a significant advancement. It addresses frequent power outages and load-shedding issues by providing a stable and uninterrupted power supply.”

Finally, Lu said its versatility in both urban and rural settings ensures that communities, regardless of their location, have access to reliable energy. “This not only supports residential and commercial energy needs but also enhances the potential for renewable energy integration, fostering sustainable development across the nation.”

A significant advancement in energy storage

The Model:LUNA2000 200KWH-2H1 Smart String Energy Storage Solution represents a significant advancement in energy storage technology, offering unparalleled performance, efficiency, and safety. Its innovative design and versatile applications make it an ideal solution for a wide range of commercial and industrial energy needs.

The successful implementation at the Huawei Office Park in Johannesburg is a testament to its reliability and effectiveness, highlighting its potential to drive operational savings and support environmental sustainability. As energy demands continue to evolve, the Model:LUNA2000 200KWH-2H1 stands ready to meet these challenges with cutting-edge technology and unmatched versatility.

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