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Huawei combines its expertise in digital and power electronics with PV, energy storage, cloud, and AI technologies. Through intelligent FusionSolar PV+storage solutions, Huawei addresses power generation, transmission, distribution, and consumption across five scenarios: Smart PV & ESS Generator, Smart String Energy Storage System, C&I Smart PV Solution, Residential Smart PV Solution, and Smart Micro-grid Solution.

These solutions reduce the lifetime levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) for PV plants while enhancing grid forming performance, establishing PV as a leading energy source. With continuous innovation, FusionSolar Smart PV aims to make green power the primary energy source for homes and organizations.


LONGi is a global leader in the solar energy industry, consistently achieving the highest AAA ranking in the prestigious PV ModuleTech bankability ratings for thirteen consecutive years. This recognition further solidifies LONGi‘s position as one of the world’s leading module manufacturers.

LONGi’s impressive performance reflects its stable operations, financial strength, advanced technology, and adaptability to market dynamics. Since its establishment in 2000, LONGi has remained committed to customer-driven value creation and has diversified its offerings across mono silicon wafers, cells, and modules, distributed solar solutions, green energy solutions, and hydrogen equipment. With a focus on building a sustainable future, LONGi continues to innovate and provide renewable energy solutions to support global zero carbon development.


JA Solar, founded in 2005, is a leading manufacturer of photovoltaic products (Solar Panels).

JA Solar’s products are currently available in 135 countries and is extensively used in different commercial, industrial, and residential roof top PV Systems.

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