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ABC Solar and Huawei Fusion Solar Spearhead Renewable Energy Revolution in South Africa

JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA, 29 SEPTEMBER 2023 – As the global community continues its journey towards carbon neutrality, the necessity for sustainable, low-carbon energy solutions has never been more evident. Recognising the transformative potential of renewable energy storage systems in the South African market, ABC Solar and Huawei Fusion Solar have positioned themselves at the forefront of this energy evolution.

ABC Solar, in collaboration with Huawei Fusion Solar, successfully hosted the inaugural Commercial Energy Storage System Summit on September 27th. This event symbolised a commitment to innovation, cooperation, and the drive towards a more sustainable energy future enhanced by Energy Storage Solutions (ESS). The event was attended by 200 key decision makers within vast industries such as EPCs, financial institutions, developers, distributors, and entrepreneurs. Notably, Standard Bank, a staunch supporter of ABC Solar, played a significant role in this historic summit.

In their strategic alliance with Huawei Fusion Solar, a renowned subsidiary of the global tech Huawei, ABC Solar’s capabilities have been amplified. Huawei Fusion Solar’s forte in pioneering solar technologies, particularly their state-of-the-art solar inverters, monitoring systems, and battery storage solutions.

Siqi Lu, Vice President of ABC Solar, remarked, “Our partnership with Huawei Fusion Solar is not just about business synergy; it’s about crafting a sustainable future for South Africa. By merging our strengths by introducing Huawei Fusion Solar commercial storage, we are reshaping the energy narrative of the country.”

With units such as Smart String ESS, Luna2000-200KWH-2H1, Smart PCS, Luna200-100KT-M1L0, and residential solutions such as the Huawei Power-M and Power-S unit, this synergy ensures an enhanced energy experience encapsulated by convenience – a cornerstone of their approach. With the ability to monitor and manage energy consumption remotely, Huawei Fusion Solar’s technology empowers users to lead a life unburdened by energy concerns.

Nick Lusson, Vice President of Huawei Smart PV Sub-Saharan Africa Region, added, “We’re proud to bring our cutting-edge technology to this partnership. It represents a commitment to delivering more than just products – it’s about introducing innovations that make a real difference in people’s lives and the broader South African energy landscape.”

One of the pivotal highlights of the summit were agreements made between ABC Solar, Africo Crushing and Screening PTY LTD and TKL Group Corporate. ABC Solar and Africo embarked on an agreement to provide Huawei C&I Energy Storage Solution in the Bangala Trust Mining Project. In total, a 2 Mega Watt + 8 Mega Watt hour solution which will be utilising Luna2000 2 Mega Watt hour containerised units pairing with Longi 555W Modules. ABC Solar and TKL Group Corporate’s agreement is inclusive of Huawei C&I Energy Storage Solution to ensure customer satisfaction and retention through the EMANG Mining Project consisting of 3 Mega Watt + 10 Mega Watt hour solution which is utilising Huawei Luna2000 2 Mega Watt hour containerised units and Longi 555W modules.

The emphasis of the agreements was not solely on offering products; it’s about crafting holistic solutions that brighten the country’s energy sector. The alignment with sustainable living and low-carbon production becomes imperative in a world echoing the urgency of mitigating climate change. Renewable energy applications are pivotal in this alignment, presenting both the industry and its consumers with abundant opportunities for growth, innovation, and progress.

Understanding that the success of a business is intrinsically tied to its bond with its clientele, ABC Solar, a subsidiary of ABC Group, and Huawei Fusion Solar have integrated a customer-centric model into their operations. They have fostered a profound relationship with their customers through tailored consultations, robust support infrastructures, educational drives, and digital interfaces.

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