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ABC Solar and Huawei Fusion Solar mark a new era with successful LUNA 200KWH Smart String ESS deployment

ABC Solar, a renowned distribution partner for Huawei and Longi in South Africa, is proud to announce the successful deployment of the cutting-edge LUNA 200KWH Smart String Energy Storage Solution in partnership with Huawei Fusion Solar.

This innovative energy storage solution is currently providing reliable power to both the Huawei Office Park and 329 Rivonia site, marking a significant advancement in seamless energy management across South Africa.

The LUNA 200KWH Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) represents a remarkable evolution in energy storage technology, meticulously designed for optimal performance, efficiency, and safety in any commercial and industrial scenarios.

It has already garnered substantial attention for its pioneering technology, remarkable energy savings, and significant environmental benefits.

As ABC Solar and Huawei Fusion Solar illuminate the pathway towards a brighter and more reliable energy future, their collaboration offers businesses an inspiring beacon of excellence in energy management within South Africa’s dynamic energy landscape.

Robust management features

Featuring a massive 193.5kWh maximum battery capacity, the LUNA 200KWH BESS uses a cloud Battery Management System (BMS) and sensors to provide proactive risk warnings based on trackable battery data, and there is an optimiser in each battery to assist with battery protection, too.

This ensures fewer battery accidents – resulting in lower costs in the long-term – and further cost savings are accessible through Smart Operations and Management (O&M) features, which replace the need for manual onsite O&M.

The most notable of these features include seamless switchover capabilities that eliminate diesel dependency in parallel connections.

Instead, at the showcase site, four LUNA 200KWH BESS units have been strategically interconnected with a robust 500kW isolation transformer that is seamlessly integrated into the grid through an advanced ACB fast switch.

An advanced Energy Management System (EMS) then orchestrates the complex interplay of on-grid and off-grid switchover while dynamically adjusting the charging and discharging power of the BESS to establish a rock-solid microgrid.

This microgrid is then capable of delivering a power output of 100kW, all while capable of handling all weather conditions courtesy of IP55 protection and an industrial-grade air conditioner.

Fire suppression is also included to protect against related accidents, as is Type II DC lightning protection and Class A EMC protection.

All of this combines to deliver a safe, reliable, and high-output energy solution capable of powering Huawei’s Office Park.

An important breakthrough

A pivotal milestone in this project was the successful debugging of seamless switchover – an achievement accomplished on 5 September.

During off-grid periods, the LUNA BESS demonstrated its capacity to automatically and consistently support the electrical loads, thereby eliminating the need for costly and environmentally taxing diesel generator startup.

This achievement not only translates to substantial operational expense (OpEx) savings, but also resonates with environmental sustainability goals such as pollution reduction.

ABC Solar

As the exclusive distributor of the LUNA 200KWH in South Africa, ABC Solar takes pride in offering a comprehensive suite of services that encompass pre-sales consultation through to post-sales support.

Through its strategic collaboration with Huawei and Longi, ABC Solar has the capability to provide state-of-the-art products that are finely customised to suit the distinct needs of residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

Its solutions encompass power generation, transmission, distribution, and consumption in five different scenarios:

  • Smart PV & ESS Generator
  • Smart String Energy Storage System
  • C&I Smart PV Solution
  • Residential Smart PV Solution
  • Smart Micro-grid Solution.

These offerings are enabled by cutting-edge solutions like Huawei’s Power-M and Power-S energy systems, and are complemented by Longi’s solar panels.

It’s worth noting that Longi has maintained its top-tier AAA ranking in the prestigious PV ModuleTech bankability ratings for an impressive thirteen consecutive years.

A dedicated team of highly qualified professionals stands ready to ensure that customers receive nothing less than exceptional assistance, establishing ABC Solar as the premier partner for cutting-edge energy storage solutions with an extensive network of distribution centres strategically located in key metropolitan regions.

David Lee, Projects Executive at ABC Solar, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership with Huawei Fusion Solar.

“We are elated to collaborate with Huawei Fusion Solar in bringing the vision of the LUNA 200KWH Energy Storage Solution to fruition,” said Lee.

“This project vividly illustrates the exceptional prowess of our energy storage systems and underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering innovative solutions that empower our valued customers to effectively manage their energy needs.”

“The Luna200KWH energy storage solution emerges as the ultimate choice, adeptly catering to both grid-tied and off-grid energy requirements,” added Herman Fourie, the Senior Product Manager at Huawei South Africa.

“It serves as a reliable lifeline for businesses grappling with recent energy crises, particularly amidst the formidable challenges posed by fluctuating load shedding stages.”

Contact or call 010 822 8888 to get in contact with a sales representative in your area.

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